ETC European Theatre Convention presents Young Europe
The European Theatre Convention presents in collaboration with the Theater an der Parkaue, Berlin and the ETC member theatres the Young Europe festival and the Young Europe Talent Campus from May 13-16, 2013 at the Theater an der Parkaue. 


From May 13 – 16, the Young Europe Festival presents all productions, developed in the framework of “Young Europe 2: Multilingual Creation and Education in Theatre”.

At the festival, the audience will not only see theatre productions from Cyprus, Hungary, Norway, the Netherlands, France, Finland and Germany but also meet and discuss with the theatre-makers and the young people about the collaborative and collective working processes. All works dared to try new and wider possibilities with regards to young people‘s participation. Questions and experiences arising from these processes will be at the focus in post-show talks, discussions and workshops.

The Young Europe Talent Campus programme invites 20 young Europeans selected by each partner theatre to form a European jury entitled to present their impressions about the plays at the end of the festival. In addition, an experimental blog will be initiated in collaboration with the online theatre portal Nachtkritik.de5 young people will follow every step of the festival and keep the event alive for the online community.

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Du 13 au 16 mai, le festival Young Europe présente l'ensemble des productions qui ont été développées dans le cadre de "Young Europe 2: Multilingual Creation and Education".

Le public pourra non seulement découvrir les productions théâtrales venant de Chypre, de Hongrie, de Norvège, des Pays-bas, de France, de Finlande et d'Allemagne mais il aura également la possibilité d'échanger, au cours de débats, avec les différentes équipes artistiques et les jeunes sur le processus et les échanges artistiques menés pendant ces deux dernières années. Chaque production a expérimenté de nouveaux concepts et a ouvert de nouvelles voies dans le travail mené avec des groupes de jeunes dans les établissements scolaires. 

Pendant le Young Europe Talent Campus, le festival laisse la place aux jeunes qui formeront un jury européen invité à présenter en public, à la fin du festival, ses impressions sur chaque pièce. Un blog initié en collaboration avec le site sera alimenté par 5 jeunes au fil de la semaine.

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Das Young-Europe-Festival präsentiert vom 13. – 16. Mai alle Inszenierungen, die im Rahmen von „Young Europe 2: Multilingual Creation and Education“ entstanden sind. Gastgeber und Veranstaltungsort ist das THEATER AN DER PARKAUE in Berlin. 

Neben Theaterproduktionen aus Zypern, Ungarn, Norwegen, Holland, Frankreich, Finnland und Deutschland gibt es für das Publikum die Möglichkeit, sich gemeinsam mit den Machern und Jugendlichen über die Arbeitsprozesse auszutauschen. Alle Arbeiten wagten neue und weiter gefasste Möglichkeiten von Partizipation seitens der Jugendlichen. Den sich daraus ergebenden Fragen und Erfahrungen wird in Publikumsgesprächen, Diskussionen und Workshops nachgegangen. Zum Young-Europe-Talent-Campus werden 20 Jugendliche aus allen vertretenen Ländern eingeladen, welche sowohl die Produktionen diskutieren, als auch den Begriff der europäischen Identität hinterfragen und ihren Diskurs in einer podiumsdiskussion zum Abschluss des Festivals vorstellen. Darüber hinaus werden weitere fünf junge Theaterkritiker in Zusammenarbeit mit das gesamte Festival begleiten und auf einem Internetblog diskutieren.

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Karten und Preise: Theater an der Parkaue Besucherservice Tel. 030–55 77 52 52,

German / Finnish

When chaos engulfs life, people do not know where it comes from or how long it is going to stay. Chaotic systems are self-organising and so complex that, as a consequence, we as human beings cannot calculate them. In a way, we are left out. The wing beat of a butterfly can possibly cause a tornado. People in love suffer from emotional chaos as their lives get suddenly mixed up and seem to be uncontrollable. It could be four different days or the same day in four parallel universes when Alva, Arnold, and Alexander encounter each other at a bus stop at 15.15pm. The bus is not arriving.

The play has been rewarded this month by the Centre of Finnish Art Promotion.

Production: Theater an der Parkaue, Berlin & Helsinki City Theatre, Helsinki

Dates German version: 13.05 at 19h and 14.05 at 10h

Dates Finnish version: 16.05 at 11h and 18h

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Watch the Finnish trailer

Kali Kantzar & Co!... (Pocket Musical)

One afternoon, during his regular rounds at the big theatre of the city, the security guard hear an unusual noise. Tracing the noise, he comes across a whole gang of bizarrelooking, filthy-smelling intruders. It‘s a family of Kalikantzaroi goblins. They have come to the world above to look for the lost son of their chief Mafia God-mother.

Production: Cyprus Theatre Organisation (Nicosia)

Dates: 14.05 at 18h and 15.05 at 10h


In this humorous and heartfelt student musical, Miskolc National Theatre takes the mischievous goblins of Cypriot legend and relocates them to a Hungarian environment. Representing several nationalities our Kalikantzaroi goblins lose their way underground and  accidentally emerge in a secondary school classroom! Chaos ensues – along with a lot of high spirits, humanity and cool songs – as the goblins try and figure their way back to the right path and their lost Kalikantzaroi world.

Production: Miskolc National Theatre, Miskolc

Dates: 14.05 at 10h and 18h

Fragen fragen - la vache et le commissaire
German / French

TJP and the Badische Staatstheater Karlsruhe developed a German-French classroom play together. Inspired by two philosophers and four classes, this play deals with the theme of Europe in a way that is both funny and provocative. Two EU delegates visit a class of students and advertise Europe. They contradict each other and quarrel about norms and cucumbers, both as private persons and as European citizens. What, actually, is Europe? What are its possibilities? What are its borders? And what does its future look like?

Coproduction: Staatstheater Karlsruhe & TJP Strasbourg, CDN D'Alsace

Date: 15.05 at 10h and 18h

Dutch / Norwegian / English

For this project, young people from the Netherlands and Norway did interviews and made short films. Central topics of their research: young people‘s lives, dreams and aspirations and their fear to fail. The playwright Oscar van Woensel developed the three-part-play “Eg – Ik, Ich, I” from this material. In the play, three young people have a go at the ancient myth of Narcissus and Echo. – A play full of self-mockery. Freakish, associative and raw.

Coproduction: Det Norske Teatret (Oslo) & De Toneelmakerij (Amsterdam)

Date: 16.05 at 10h and 19h

Watch the trailer
Before watching the performance, learn about Narcissus

Launching of the European drama repertoire for young audiences

The launching of the book "Young Europe: European drama repertoire for young audiences" A selection of five plays from Cyprus, France, Germany and The Netherlands, in collaboration with Theater der Zeit will take place during the opening of the festival on Monday May 13 at 18:00 at the Theater an der Parkaue, Berlin in presence of the Young Europe artistic teams, Mrs Doris Pack, Member of the European Parliament and President of the Committee on Education and Culture, Mr Kay Wuschek, Artistic Director of the Theater an der Parkaue and Mrs Dubravka Vrgoc, President of the European Theatre Convention.

"Young Europe: European drama repertoire for young audiences” brings together five plays from Cyprus, France, Germany and the Netherlands about the dreams and aspirations, the fears and anxieties of young people in Europe. They are the result of a unique European project in which 17 theaters in 12 countries were involved. Developed in collaboration by playwrights, young people and theatre educators, they represent a pioneering European repertoire of contemporary plays for schools and theatres which have been staged in all participating cities (Amsterdam, Berlin, Helsinki, Karlsruhe, Miskolc, Nicosia, Oslo and Strasbourg).

Note for editors

Founded in 1988, the European Theatre Convention is the leading pan-European network of public theatres in more than 20 countries whose aims are to promote contemporary European drama and theatre creation, artistic education and linguistic diversity in theatre. Central to ETC’s work is the support and international promotion of young European theatre talents, the mobility of artists through exchange programs, the creation of a platform for theatre education and drama schools as well as the initiation of new audience development strategies. The ETC is also a professional platform for theatre makers that encourages intercultural dialogue, organizes meetings, invests in education and training opportunities and initiates research and publications. As member of the European civil society platforms “Access to Culture”, “Creative and Cultural Industries” and consortium partner of, the ETC established a structured dialogue within the cultural sector and the European commission and presents pragmatic proposals that correspond to the theatrical reality in Europe today.

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“Young Europe 2” is an artistic education project developed under the umbrella of the European Theatre Convention.

“Young Europe 2” est un projet d’éducation artistique développé sous l’égide de la Convention Théâtrale Européenne.