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ETC International Theatre Conference
THEATRE BEYOND BORDERS: Identities & Belonging

Next ETC Conference and General Assembly, April 21 - 24, CDN - Théâtre de la Manufacture Nancy, France
Theatre has the power of addressing the imaginary in each of us, it can offer altered meanings to questions of identification and belonging, and hence provides new perspectives and horizons for everyone involved - the creators, the participating audience and the spectator.
The ETC conference "Theatre beyond borders: identities & belonging"  focuses on  theatre's crucial role in shaping Europes polyphonic citizenships and societies by strenghtening its values for more cohesion exploring the power of drama. We are pleased to announce that the keynote speech as an opening of the conference is held by the widely published Moroccan economist and repeatedly awarded writer Fouad Laroui, professor of French literature and Arabic culture at the University in Amsterdam. Framed by artistic sessions with theatre makers and artists coming from crisis regions or working with marginal groups in society, the conference will  offer a space to discuss the possibility and responsibility of art and theatre to reflect on and react to the current social and political situation of Europe and to create new projects to tackle those challenges - theatre beyond borders, a place for different identities and to belong. To take a look at the full agenda, the performances and to register, please click
First announcement of second ETC European Theatre Academy in Avignon 2016
Masterclasses & Seminars for international Theatre Producers
During the Festival D'Avignon
ETC is pleased to announce the second edition of the successful European Theatre Academy in Avignon - a four day working space of reflection and promotion of good practices on international collaboration experiences with masterclasses, encounters and talks with artists and experts and visits of festival performances. Theatre in Europe evermore internationalized though every country has its own theatre working premises. The Academy aims to a better understanding of and to connect between the different theatre producing systems in Europe and beyond. Through an insight in the specific hosting, producing and repertory systems, the Academy encourages to create better possibilities of networking and working opportunities for artists, companies and theatres on international level, both on a collaborative basis as well as to improve mobility of performing art professionals and works. More detailed programm and registration information will be published up over the course of spring and announced on our website. To have a look at the European Theatre Academy 2015, please click here.
Audio Streams of latest ETC international theatre conferences 2015 now available
Keynotes and contributions of panel discussions now online
"The Art of Ageing" and "Destination Europe"
How does the art reflect ongoing developments in society? How are theatre makers using their work and the power of their instituions to shape current social and cultural debates and contribute to a public discourse? During the latest ETC international theatre conferences, academics, experts, artists and theatre makers contributed to the different subjects through keynote speeches and in panel discussions. In focus now online:
1) The ageing society in Europe and its consequences from an artistic point of view
2) Destination Europe: European drama - a chance for intercultural dialogue
The first conference in April 2015 was held in Timisoara (Romania) and organised in the frame of the 1st Art of Ageing European Theatre and Science Festival. In November, the second annual ETC international theatre conference entitled "Destination Europe" took place in Parma (Italy). George Leeson, co-director of the Oxford Institute on Population Ageing, Alin Gavreliuc, dean of the Western University Timisoara / faculty of sociology and psychology, Prof. Carlo Severi, anthropologist and director of research at the EHESS in Paris, Edit Kaldor, theatre-maker, philosopher, creator of “Inventory of the powerlessness”, Luca Bergamo, general secretary of Culture Action Europe and many others shared their expertise . The audio streams of all contributions are now available for listening on the ETC website.
For audio streams at the Art of Ageing Festival in Timisoara, please click here.
For audio streams at the "Destination Europe" conference in Parma, please click here.
news from european theatres
DAKH Theatre Kiev, Ukraine - Opera IYOV
The Centre of Contemporary Art DAKH Theatre Kiev together with GOGOLFEST, the largest multidisciplinary Ukrainian festival of contemporary art, presents IYOV, an opera directed by founder of DAKH Theatre and international successful artist Vlad Troitskyi. The centre of the production is formed by a piano, that turns into an orchestra – the performers using coins, keys, fingers and nails for playing on the strings and the body of the instrument. The premiere took place during GOGOLFEST 2015. Since then it toured worldwide through Austria, China and the United States. For more information about the production, DAKH Theatre or GOGOLFEST, please click here.
Timisoara National Theatre, Romania - SCENES FROM A MARRIAGE
On March 12, 2016 the Romanian film director Radu Jude, winner of the Silver Bear at the 65th Berlin International Film Festival, has his stage directing debut at the Timisoara National Theatre with Ingmar Bergman’s SCENES FROM A MARRIAGE. For more information, please click here.
Cantieri Teatrali Koreja, Lecce, Italy - SAVE THE DATE!
From March 14-18, 2016 the former director of the National Theatre of Kosovo Jeton Neziraj conducts a workshop on dramaturgy in Koreja Theatre. He is a courageous political voice in the theatre of the new Kosovo, a member of the European Cultural Parliament and Kosovo coordinator of the EURODRAM network. His plays have been staged and performed in Europe as well as in the USA. The workshop includes lectures and tutorials on new writing for theatre and on the post-dramatic theatre. For more information, please click here.
Staatstheater Braunschweig, Germany - INTERKULTUR #5 theme week
From April 2 -11 2016 the FESTIVAL OF DIVERSITY AND CULTURAL PARTICIPATION is taking place at the Staatstheater Braunschweig. The intercultural theme week focuses on its integrative and intercultural activities complemented by participative projects, guest performances and original festival productions addressing the urban population in all its diversity. For more information, please click here.
Theater und Orchester Heidelberg, Germany - HEIDELBERGER STÜCKEMARKT
From April 29 to May 8 2016 the acclaimed HEIDELBERGER STÜCKEMARKT presents a wide range of new German-language plays and performances from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Guest country 2016 is Belgium and the festival is proud to host a number of new plays and shows from the country’s vibrant theatre scene. The full festival program will be available from March 23. For more information, please click here.
Deutsches Theater Berlin, Germany - EXCHANGE OFFICE (Wechselstube)
A theatrical trading zone for Berliners from around the world. This new theatrical exchange office will open on May 1, in cooperation with the transitional hostel for refugees and asylum seekers in Berlin-Marienfelde, Artistic directors: Ruth Feindel, Frank Oberhäußer (Turbo Pascal). At DT’s forecourt. A project of Junges DT (Young DT). Read more here.
Theatre Trends and Training Opportunities Across The World
Berliner Theatertreffen - the selection 2016
Two member theatres of the ETC were invited to the  53nd THEATERTREFFEN in 2016, Germany’s most important theatre festival, that will take place in May 6-22 in Berlin: The Deutsches Theater Berlin will be present with the performance "Fathers and Sons" by Brian Friel, based on the novel by Iwan Turgenjew, directed by Daniela Löffner. The Staatstheater Karlsruhe participates with "Tripping Stones State Theatre" by Hans-Werner Kroesinger, adapted by Regine Dura and directed by Hans-Werner Kroesinger. The ETC proudly congratulates the two lucky production teams! An independent jury of critics annualy selects the 10 most remarkable productions of the year from across the German-speaking theatre landscape, that will be presented during the festival in May. Yvonne Büdenhölzer, director of the Theatertreffen, about this year’s selection: "The differences of aesthetic approaches notwithstanding, the selected productions are connected by their investigation of social transitions and their consequences for the individual." For more information about the full selection and the THEATERTREFFEN, please click here.
International Summer Course on Sustainable Cultural Management & Performing Arts - apply now
The application is open for the international intensive summer course on "Sustainable Cultural Management", that will take place in Thessaloniki, Greece, June 6-10, 2016, organized by mitos21, Julie's Bicycle and the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The course is designed to share the environmental best practice identified by and for the performing arts and to explore what actions can be taken to become more ecological in the way we govern cultural organisations, manage buildings, create and tour productions, collaborate with partners, and engage with audiences. Experts from across Europe and the world will share their experience and best practice. The deadline for application is 15th of March 2016. For more information, please click here.
India Theatre Programme - Apply now
A new Indian drama initiative reaches out to international artists aiming to connect traditional Indian theatre with international and European performaning arts.The INDIA THEATRE PROGRAMME is organized by the Drama School Mumbai, an organisation that works in the field of drama pedagogy in India, and will take place in Pondicherry, India, July 2-31, 2016. The training will be conducted by nationally recognized masters and guided throughout by the award winning ex-director of The National School of Drama, India’s foremost training institution for the dramatic arts. The deadline for the application is March 15, 2016. For more information or to apply, please click here.
EU Affairs
ETC meeting with EU Commission of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport
Following several exchanges in 2015 between ETC and the cabinet of the EU Commission of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, Dubravka Vrogc, ETC president was invited by Tibor Navracsics, EU Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport in the begining of the the year to discuss the role and contribution ETC can make to help advance the European cultural agenda. Impressed by the wide range of activities ETC provides to its members and the theatre community, in particular with regards to its European experience of socially engaged theatre, Commissioner Navracsics stressed the importance of the arts and cultural sector to contribute to the major challenges Europe is faced with, such as in finding ways to cope with the new wave of migration and refugee question. Concluding a very fruitful exchange, Commissioner Navracsics expressed his keen interest to continue an ongoing dialogue with the theatre sector of Europe. More details.
EU Narrative
The EU commission relaunched the project "New Narrative of Europe" that aims to give a voice to European citizens in shaping the future of Europe based on its core values of dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, and respect for human rights. After the first successful "Narrative" project from 2013, where artists, intellectuals and scientists talked about the future of our continent, the conversations continued during a second meeting in February 2016 in Brussels. One of the focuses this year has been the question of young people’s ideas on and opinions about Europe, to listen to a "New Narrative" from their perspective. For more information about the project and the outcomes, please click here.
The European Culture Forum
The biennial European Culture Forum is a flagship event and a major networking opportunity for the sector's keyplayers, organised by the European Commission. Postponed for security reasons following the Paris attacks in November, it will take place in Brussels from April 19-20, 2016. Aiming at raising the profile of European cultural cooperation and sparking debate on EU culture policy and initiatives, the forthcoming European Culture Forum will consist of two full days of larger plenary sessions focusing on the main aims of the European Agenda for Culture, as well as smaller, technical sessions on the work of the EU.
Plenary sessions will be launched by thought-provoking inspirational speeches, followed by moderated panel debates bringing in experiences, views and questions from the audience. More information about the upcoming event and the detailed program will soon be available on the
For further information, please contact
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