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Ukrainian theatre Showcase in Kiev
concludes ETC 2015 Project "Theatre, Freedom, Dialogue. European Networking with theatres in Ukraine and Belarus"
Berlin/ Kiev, 3 – 6 December 2015: The Ukrainian Theatre Showcase has taken place in Kiev, initiated by the European Theatre Convention (ETC), Europe’s leading network of public theatres together with several partner theatres and theatre makers from Ukraine. 8 performances from public theatres and the fringe scene, workshops and discussions opened a deep insight in the contemporary drama art scene and artistic work in Ukraine.

The showcase was the first European initiative to invite an international delegation to Ukraine that consisted of 30 theatre professionals from 8 different countries representing 21 different theatres and performing art institutions from across Europe and beyond as well as media representatives. More than 150 Ukrainian theatre makers were taking part in this networking event, exchanging perspectives on theatre, discussing the role of theatre in times of political crises and talking about possible future collaborative projects.

The showcase constituted the closing event of the entire project “Theatre, Freedom, Dialogue: European Networking with Theatres in Ukraine and Belarus”, developed by the ETC and Schauspiel Leipzig, which contained as well a six-week scholarship program for ten Ukrainian theatre makers in ETC-member theatres. The aim of the project was to create long lasting relations between theatre makers from Ukraine, Belarus, Europe and other areas. Not just the Ukrainian partner theatres but also the ETC scholars and the founders of Belarus Free Theatre, who just marked their 10th anniversary in November with the “Staging A Revolution” festival in London, participated in the Ukrainian Theatre Showcase in Kiev, which hence rounded off the entire project.

Vladyslav Troitsky, stage director of showcase performance “Dog’s Cage” and head of the free DAKH Theatre in Kiev:

"Concerning the cultural exchange, this is what the Ukraine could offer: It is a fantastic possibility for
young directors from the West, who would like to do something new. We have the energy.
And we are open for new styles of work.
We ourselves have to do some steps, not wait until the state is doing something. […] Lots of people
in Ukraine are just sitting at home, moaning about the government, but doing nothing. Through my
production I want to show this. I want to activate the people to stand up and change our country."

The showcase offered the international delegation a look behind the scenes into the Ukrainian cultural political situation and how the theatre landscape in Ukraine operates. It created a space to build trust and to enter into dialogue on eye level about ongoing exchanges in the future. The international delegation discovered a vivid, highly diverse theatre scene in Ukraine and evoked in conversations with local artists and political representatives the necessity for an infrastructure for the young theatre generation to develop a strong and internationally competitive Ukrainian theatre. As a result of the project and for the years to come workshops, exchanges and continued mentoring shell be the next steps to strengthen on one hand Ukrainian theatre and artists` capacities and on the other hand to nourish international artistic exchanges both in Ukraine and across Europe. The project has striven to build constructively pioneering bridges for a peaceful future through theatre.

Supported by the Federal Foreign Office, “Theatre, Freedom, Dialogue: European Networking with Theatres in Ukraine and Belarus” promotes civic structures of collaboration between countries of the eastern partnership with European and German partners to develop new joint projects.
For more information about the project, visit the ETC website.
For impressions of the Showcase visit the picture gallery.
Ukrainian Theatre in the press:
The project invited several media representatives to accompany the project with the goal to raise awareness of the role of theatre as public space for dialogue in societies of Ukraine and Belarus – countries in transition.
Articles will be published (in German and some in English) and made available for interested readers by the ETC office.
Participating theatres in Ukraine and Belarus:
Belarus Free Theatre, Bilyts Art Centr, Dakh Theatre, Golden Gate Theater, Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theatre, Kiev Academic "Molodij" Theatre, Lviv Academic Les Kurbas Theater, Pechersk New Drama Theater
Participating theatres in Europe:
Schauspiel Graz (Austria), Théâtre de Liège (Belgium), Kote Marjanishvili State Drama Theatre in Tbilisi (Georgia), Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe (Germany), Deutsches Theater Berlin (Germany), Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden (Germany), Schauspiel Leipzig (Germany), Staatstheater Braunschweig (Germany), Theater Dortmund (Germany), Theater und Orchester Heidelberg (Germany)
Notes to Editors:
The European Theatre Convention (ETC) founded in 1988, is a non-profit-making membership organization representing the publicly funded theatre sector in 20 countries. Its aims are to create, protect and promote theatre art and its linguistic diversity in Europe and beyond; to act as a transnational theatre network to foster cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue; to act as a platform for professional exchange, development and capacity building of theatre-makers in an international context and to advocate for the public theatre sector at EU, member state and local levels. For further information click here.
“Theatre, Freedom, Dialogue: European Networking with European Theatres in Ukraine and Belarus” is initiated by the European Theatre Convention and the Schauspiel Leipzig.
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