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ETC International Theatre Conference
Destination Europe? European drama - A chance for intercultural dialogue

Next ETC Conference and General Assembly, November 12 - 15, Fondazione Teatro Due Parma, Italy
The forthcoming ETC International Theatre Conference and General Assembly will be a place for debate and dialogue to question the role of European theatre in the context of the actual migration flow towards Europe and to examine the chances European drama offers for strengthening intercultural dialogue. In these days more than ever, the European society has to shed light on cultural differences and conflict and develop creative ways to handle the herewith posed challenges. For four days ETC, Europe's theatre network, invites theatre professionals and artists coming from all over Europe to work on the issue "DESTINATION EUROPE? European drama - A chance for intercultural dialogue". Confirmed speakers include amongst others Carlo Severi, anthropologist and director of research at Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) in France, Edit Kaldor, theatre-maker, philosopher and creator of “Inventory of powerlessness”, Luca Bergamo, General Secretary of Culture Action Europe, Liesbeth Coltof, artistic director De Toneelmakerij and initiator of “Ten ways to know us”, Rolf Bolwin, President of PEARLE (Performing Arts Employers’ Associations League Europe) and Cristina Loglio, chair of working table “Creative Europe”.

Alongside the conference, theatre makers will exchange best practices in view of European programs to support refugee and asylum seeking communities and further elaborate new skills in professional workshops focusing on "European Dramaturgy as a means of multiple identities" and "Inclusive theatre - exploring the possibility for theatres to correct Europe’s exclusion policies".
For more information and to take a look at the full agenda, please click
ETC project launch 2015:
“Theatre, Freedom, Dialogue: European Theatre Networking with the Ukraine and Belarus”
In October, ETC launched in collaboration with the Schauspiel Leipzig the project „Theatre, Freedom, Dialogue: European Networking with theatres in Ukraine and Belarus“. With this years project, ETC  continues its "Focus Ukraine", initiated in 2014. The goal is to build upon those created relations and further contribute to the cultural exchange of theatre makers and artists. Another aim is to foster the awareness for democratic procedures in our societies and hence build constructively pioneering bridges with European neighbors for a peaceful future through the art of theatre. The program is designed around three major activities: A Ukrainian Theatre Showcase with international outreach in Kiev in December, a scholarship program for 10 Ukrainian theatre makers in European theatres during October - November and the "Staging a Revolution Festival by the Belarus Free Theatre in London in November. For more information, please click here.
Scholarships for Ukrainian theatre makers
The prelude to ETCs' scholarship program, providing ten young Ukrainian theatre makers the opportunity to work at one of our member theatres in Germany, Austria, Belgium or Georgia, was an official scholarship meeting at the Schauspiel Leipzig which took place from October 24-26. The Ukrainian scholars got the chance to both get to know each other upon their arrival and connect with the ETC and some colleagues from their hosting theatres during discussions and while visiting the evening theatre performances at the Schauspiel Leipzig. Some impressions were reflected by the German press - read the article about the scholarship meeting from Süddeutsche Zeitung here.
On the ETC website, you can visit the profiles of all Ukrainian scholars, find out about their work in Ukraine, their interests and their working areas at the hosting theatres. Also, follow the scholars during their journey on the ETC facebook page! Enter in taking a look.
Staging a Revolution Festival
November 2-14, 2015 in London
The Free Belarus Theatre is a supported member of the European Theatre Convention. Since the end of 2010 the founders of the Belarus Free Theatre have been banished from Belarus and granted political asylum in Great Britain. From here the company has been developing new, internationally successful, political active theatre performances. Working with their actors in Minsk via skype, they continued to act through the means of theatre against and raise awareness to the last European dictatorship in Belarus.

Belarus Free Theatre has spent the past decade excavating taboos on the world stage alongside launching transnational campaigns in defence of freedom of speech and artistic expression. Pioneering a unique model of performance-inspired campaigning tackling social and political taboos, from mental health and torture, sex and inequality, BFT is now presenting Staging a Revolution in London, a two-week Festival of ideas that will put ten taboos centre-stage to invigorate and inspire UK audiences to see themselves as positive change-makers. The festival also features some of their most acclaimed original productions, reinvigorated classics and the world premiere of their brand new work, Time of Women.
Following each performance, a curated panel of experts, including artists, campaigners, journalists and activists will discuss an area related to each taboo topic and generate fresh ideas around taking up action. It is an approach drawn directly from BFT’s work in Minsk where the space for free exchange of ideas and open debate is as valuable as the space in which to see independent theatre.

For more information and ticket reservation please click
As the Staging A Revolution Festival is in full swing since 2 of November, you can watch the live stream of every performance here.
Ukrainian Theatre Showcase
December 03-06, 2015 in Kiev
Upon the initiative of the ETC and a group of Ukrainian theatre makers and artists of public theatres and the fringe scene, a three-day theatre showcase will be organized in Kiev. A selection of Ukrainian theatre plays will be shown to an international professional audience, media representatives and stakeholders. In addition, workshops and discussion groups with artists focusing on international cooperation and media work practices will complement the showcase program. Workshop leaders will be European theatre representatives as well as the founders of the Belarus Free Theatre.
To find out more about the different performances that will take part in the showcase click
If you are interested in participating at the 1st Ukrainian Showcase in Kiev, please contact the ETC.
news from european theatres
SNT Drama Ljubljana, Slovenia - Festival contributions and performances season 2015/16
In October, the Slovenian National Theatre Drama Ljubljana successfully performed its "Faust", directed by Tomaž Pandur, at the "43 Festival Internacional Cervantino" in Guanajuato, Mexico as well as "The Crazy Locomotive", directed by Jernej Lorenci, at "Seoul Performing Arts Festival" in Seoul, South Korea.
In November two plays will be performed at the theatre with English surtitles: "Yugoslavia, My Country" and "When I Was Dead". "Faust" will be performed with Spanish surtitles.
For more Information about the program click
Cantieri Teatrali Koreja, Lecce, Italy - Save the dates
From 21-27 of November Koreja will present its new performance RAGS OPERA inspired by Japanese puppets - Bunraku - at Teatro Koreja in Lecce!
Moreover, on 18 & 19 of December, Teatro Koreja will present its latest production KATER I RADES directed by Salvatore Tramacere and coproduced by LA BIENNALE VENEZIA. For more information click
Staatstheater Braunschweig, Germany - 7 productions from 7 countries in 4 days!
From 19-22 of November FAST FORWARD – European Festival for Young Stage Directors hosts the up-and-coming European theatre generation at Staatstheater Braunschweig. SAVE THE DATE! Find out more about the FAST FORWARD festival here.
Theater und Orchester Heidelberg, Germany - Germany meets Hungary meets Bradbury
Hungarian Director Viktor Bodó brings six German and four Hungarian actors together on stage in his take on Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451” at Theater Heidelberg. The show premiered to much critical acclaim in October. Further dates: 25 & 26 of November; 15 & 16 of December; 14 & 15 of January and 6, 25 & 26 of February.
“Fahrenheit 451” is Bodó’s second work in Heidelberg. In 2014 his staging of Jarry’s “König Ubu” (orig.: Ubu roi), a collaboration between his Hungarian Szputnyik Shipping Company and Theater und Orchester Heidelberg, was nominated for the German theatre award DER FAUST. For more information.
Schauspielhaus Graz, Austria - "Cactus Land" world premiere and "Circles / Fictions" opening at HAUS EINS
„Cactus Land“ premiered on 24 of October at the Schauspielhaus Graz.
Based on the autobiographic writings of war photographer Anthony Loyd, „Cactus Land“ asks how much life there is in war and how much war in life. Director Lily Sykes tackles these questions of honour, courage and loss with a British sense of humour. For more information and tickets visit our
"Circles / Fictions" opens on 20 of November at HAUS EINS.
French theatre maker Joël Pommerat composed his play “Circles / Fictions” of concentric circles: seven serial stories whose overlapping episodes unfold like onion peels, with each new layer slightly closer to a common center: the question of happiness, of values and belief throughout history. In the program notes Pommerat writes that all the stories told here are true, even personal, with one exception. Yet none of the scenarios is ordinary. If truth is stranger than fiction, we are certainly left guessing. For more information and tickets visit our
Teatro Cargo, Genoa, Italy - La guerre vue par les femmes
“Donne in guerra”, written and directed by Laura Sicignano stages at Teatro Cargo on 11 of November. The play is about the experiences of six women during World War II, their decisions and the disturbing and touching consequences they undergo. For more information click here.
EU affairs
Voice of Culture - European cultural representatives delivered brainstorming reports to European Commission and shared with members of the OMC groups
‘Audience Development via Digital Means’ and 'Participatory Governance of Cultural Heritage' were the topics that ETC had discussed and brainstormed  with over 30 other cultural representatives over summer, first in Amsterdam, then in Florence following an invitation by the European Commission. Those topics are considered to be two of five key priorities on the cultural political agenda and that are investigated upon as part of the VOICE OF CULTURE - the structured dialogue platform between the civil society and the European Commission 2015-2016.
The core ideas resulting from the discussion and the main messages to be conveyed on EU level have been gathered in a brainstorming report presented to the European Commission and to EU Member States groups working on similar issues in the framework of the Open Method of Coordination (OMC). Both brainstorming reports are now available for further consultation. For more information on Voice of Culture click
Click here for Audience development via digital means_Brainstorming report
Click here for Participatory governance in cultural heritage_Brainstorming report
European Culture Forum in Brussels
The European Culture Forum will take place in Brussels from November 26-27. It is a biennial flagship event and a major networking opportunity organised by the European Commission, aimed at raising the profile of European cultural cooperation, uniting the sector's key players, taking stock the European Agenda for Culture's implementation, and sparking debate on EU culture policy and initiatives. Key topics of the forthcoming European Culture Forum are the chance talent and creativity offers to handle cultural diversity both on an individual and on an economic level as well as the role of cultural exchanges in international relations. In the three plenary sessions subjects as "Talent and creativity for diverse and cohesive societies", "Talent and creativity for the economy: A new boost for innovation, jobs and growth" and "Talent and creativity for engaging with the world" will be discussed. For more information about this years event click here.
For further information, please contact
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