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The Art of Ageing – 1st European Theatre and Science Festival more...
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The Art of Ageing – 1st European Theatre and Science Festival
Artistic View on Demographic Change in Europe

16 - 19 April, Teatrul National Timisoara, Romania
Register now! “The Art of Ageing – 1st European Theatre and Science Festival” and the ETC International Theatre Conference 2015 take place from April 16 -19 at the Teatrul National Timisoara, Romania. The ETC initiated the project “The Art of Ageing” in reaction to the demographic development our societies are situated in. We want to bring an artistic view on this subject and foster the debate both between the generations and between artists, scientists, politics and economics. Among confirmed keynote speakers and panelists are Dr. George W Leeson, Co-Director of the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing, Ebbe Johanson, Vice-President of the European Age Platform and Stuart Kandell, US based pioneer in the field of creative ageing representing Artful Ageing.

How will the demographic change influence our everyday life? What are the challenges we are facing and how can we prepare for them? What does ageing mean individually and socially? Five new international theatre co-productions of ETC member theatres on the subject, based on interviews and field studies, will be shown during the festival. Moreover it will be a platform for artists to exchange experiences, to talk to experts and to participate in workshops.

As part of the ETC professional workshop program,  ETC theatre pedagogues are invited to Timisoara to attend a series of workshops dedicated to work with new and intergenerational audiences. Furthermore, as a result of the conference it is aimed to create a guideline for future international theatre cooperation, based on years of international work experience of theatres and artists in the ETC. For registration and the full agenda of the festival and conference please click  
In Focus: Ukraine
European Theatre Networking with Ukrainian theatres & artists continues
Photo Documentary out now
The ETC  facilitates the exchange between theatre institutions as well as theatre makers and young artists from the Ukraine with theatre colleagues from across Europe. To nourish the building of long-term relationships and the creation of new professional perspectives a first step was taken at the ETC international theatre conference 2014 “The Future of Europe” with a special focus on European networking with Ukrainian theatre makers. In 2015 the new relations shall be strengthened and expanded. Until then, take a look back at what had happened in 2014, the photo documentary including a detailed overview on the Ukrainian theatre landscape is out now! Read it here
Research Study
ETC releases first european study about theatre audience development
Audiences for European Theatres: Study & Research results
Empirical evidence about audience of theatres in Europe has been so far rather heterogeneous. The resulting lack of comparable data is a major challenge when discussing new tools and measures for audience development for theatres. Which theatres might be comparable? Which trends and patterns are similar in the different countries? Despite their differences they all face a mutual challenge: to contribute to cohesion, tolerance and democracy in changing societies by establishing and strengthening their relationship to existing and new audiences.

The present study of ETC, performed by the Center for Audience Development (ZAD) at the Freie Universität Berlin, has colluded standardised status-quo information from 24 exemplary theatre organisations from 17 different countries providing an insight into audiences of theatres in Europe and their specific local contexts. The study cannot claim to give a complete overview of Europe´s theatre landscape. It nevertheless contributes to establishing evidence-based audience development in theatres and thus to innovate and creative development in Europe. The outlined information points to trends and tendencies across national boarders and shall serve as a starting point for future work, offer guidance in developing theatre audiences and be used as benchmark. You can find the complete study and its research results free of charge on the ETC website
News from European Theatres
Belarus Free Theatre marks its 10th anniversary in 2015, with an exhilarating programme of events in the autumn. Co-founder Natalia Kaliada spoke at Oslo’s Woman World: Courage and Creativity in January. On March 16, Belarus Free Theatre organises the first-ever debate to be staged in the House of Commons about artistic freedom of expression in the UK.Although the situation in Belarus proves more difficult every day, BFT’s underground team continues to create political theatre and will premiere three new plays in the UK later this year. More information
The new production of Michel Didym "The Imaginary Invalid" by Molière is on tour. Until November 2015 it can be seen in France, Germany and Belgium. Coproduction: TNS - Théâtre National de Strasbourg / Théâtre de Liège / Célestins, Théâtre de Lyon. More information
Slovensko narodno gledališče Drama Ljubljana (Slovenia)
In November 2014 the Slovenian National Theatre Drama Ljubljana became a member in the ETC and thus is the theatre that most recently joint the international theatre network. As the major drama theatre in Slovenia it has a multifarious programme - including the following events: In the beginning of March the theatre hosts three prominent Slovenian philosophers: Slavoj Žižek, Alenka Zupančič and Mladen Dolar. The title of the debate is “Who is lying now?”. Further prominent stagings in the season are “Iliad” by Homer, directed by Jernej Lorenci in a Coproduction of SNT Drama Ljubljana, Ljubljana City Theatre and Cankarjev dom, “Mystery-Bouffe” by Vladimir Mayakovsky, directed by Aleksandar Popovski and “Christmas at the Ivanovs'” by Aleksandr Vvedensky, directed by Oliver Frljić. More information
Theater und Orchester Heidelberg (Germany)
Heidelberger Stückemarkt - From April 24 to May 4 2015 the acclaimed HEIDELBERGER STÜCKEMARKT presents a wide range of contemporary plays and performances from Germany, Austria and this year’s guest country Mexico. From March 16 the full festival program will be available here.
Conversion_2 - The foreign military presence in Afghanistan is the starting point for Conversion_2, the second major performance in a two-year collaboration between Theater und Orchester Heidelberg and Hamburg based costa compagnie. The show opens on May 8. More information
Save the dates: From 18 - 23 March "La parola padre" directed by G. Vacis and "Il pasto della Tarantola" directed by S. Panini are on stage in CRT MILANO - Teatro dell’Arte. More information
Also coming up - 1st April Koreja’s children performance "Giardini di plastica" directed by Salvatore Tramacere is on stage in Zagreb Youth Theatre - Naj Naj Naj Festival. More information
Black & White, produced in the context of the project “Trilogy of Foreigners”, is on stage in Rome - Casa dei Teatri e della Drammaturgia Contemporanea, from 14 to 17 April 2015. Emmanuel, nigerian, 20 years old, arrived in Italy after a long and solitary journey, Irene Serini is an italian professional actress. Different rules, opposite points of view, another order of world and values. Does exist a meeting point among black and white? Beauty is in the ongoing dialogue, in the imperfection of research. More information
De Toneelmakerij - Theatre Cafe Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Register now! From 28 - 30 May 2015 the Toneelmakerij organizes and hosts one of the five Theatre Cafés in Europe. An international symposium on European theatrical texts for children and young people. For writers, translators, directors, dramaturges and other professionals from the field of young people's theatre and beyond. The Theatre Café Festival is dedicated to spreading high quality repertoire for children and young people throughout Europe. To register or to receive more information, please click here.
EU affairs
The Voice of Culture. Structured Dialogue between the European Commission and the culture sector continues
The Voice of Culture is a process of exchanges between civil society stakeholders in the cultural field and the European Commission. It aims at making sure that the voices of cultural professionals are heard at the European level.
Cultural professionals and stakeholders from civil society in the EU Member States are invited to take part in what are called “Brainstorming Sessions”. There will be five brainstorming sessions over the years 2015-2016, each focusing on a different key issue. For each Brainstorming Session, 40 representatives from the cultural sectors will have the opportunity to meet with their peers; the core ideas resulting from the discussion and the main messages to be conveyed to the EU level will be gathered in a policy paper presented to the European Commission and to EU Member States groups working on similar issues in the framework of the Open Method of Coordination (OMC). Make sure the voice of your sector is heard and apply to participate in the first two Brainstorming Sessions!
Audience Development via Digital Means
Participatory Governance in Cultural Heritage
Read more and apply here
On the move. Funding opportunities for cultural mobility in Europe and across the globe
Securing funding to finance international travels for artistic work is a big challenge. The online platform On the Move cannot provide you with tailor-made solutions, but  offers a very extensive list of organisations and funds which can be useful for your upcoming mobility experiences! Don't miss to check out the detailed country guides for mobility support when planning your next international project here.
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