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Art of Ageing
Next theatre premieres in Berlin, Bratislava and Heidelberg
Issue No. 5
Credit: Arno Declair
Fen Fires / Land der ersten Dinge / Bludičky
Premiere in Berlin on November 14 and in Bratislava on November 27

Written by Nino Haratischwili and directed by Brit Bartkowiak   

Coproduced by Deutsches Theater Berlin, Germany & Slovak National Theatre, Bratislava, Slovakia

Lara from the West, a former judge, diseased and in need of care, and Natalia from the East, a former musician who is taking care of Lara - two women with rather different life stories try to manage their daily routines, but are caught up by their memories and forced to face up to the shadows of the past. A play written by the award-winning German-Georgian novelist, playwright and theatre director Nino Haratischwili for two German and two Slovak actors.

Additional dates

Deutsches Theater Berlin

15 November 2014, followed by a discussion with Nino Haratischwili and Brit Bartkowiak 
17 November 2014, followed by a discussion about "The Velvet Revolution", which took place in Slovakia on the same day 25 years ago. In the presence of the artistic team, Professor Frank Hadler (University of Leipzig) and Igor Slobodnik (Ambassador of Slovakia in Berlin).

12, 13 & 14 December 2014

Slovak National Theatre Bratislava

28 & 29 November 2014

09 & 10 January 2015

Click here for more info on the production

Credit: Ivor Martinic
I’m afraid we know each other now / Ich befürchte, jetzt kennen wir uns / Bojim se da se sada poznajemo
Premiere in Heidelberg on November 16

Written by Ivor Martinic, directed by Miriam Horwitz
Coproduced by Theater und Orchester Heidelberg, Germany & Gavella City Drama Theatre, Zagreb, Croatia

Ivana leaves Filip. The relationship has failed because of Filip’s inability to fulfil Ivana’s wish for a common history. He is neither able to remember crucial events like Ivana’s first declaration of love nor is he willing to restore or continue the memories. Even at the moment of separation he refuses to show an appropriate reaction to Ivana’s wish to end the relationship. This, she cannot accept and returns to him again and again, to demand an adequate ending. A subtle play about the need to locate oneself in history.

With a research and work phase both in Zagreb and in Heidelberg, Ivor Martinic and Miriam Horwitz explored through investigative work the attempt of understanding memory as a part of our lives, framed by the present, the use and the abuse of it. The play, as a result of the documentation of their mutual research, will be staged in two versions: a German version with the artistic team of the Theater und Orchester Heidelberg and a Croatian version with the artistic team of the Gavella City Drama Theatre.

Additional dates
20 November 2014, Theater und Orchester Heidelberg
06 December 2014, Theater und Orchester Heidelberg
29 December 2014, Theater und Orchester Heidelberg
17 January 2015, German version, Gavella City Drama Theatre, Zagreb
01 March 2015, Theater und Orchester Heidelberg

Click here for more info on the production
Still playing!

Strawberry orphans / Erdbeerwaisen / Căpşunile şi Orfanii

Conception werkgruppe2

06 & 07 November 2014, Staatstheater Braunschweig, Germany 

The Clock is ticking / Die Uhr tickt / Pe ceas

by Peca Stefan, directed by Malte C. Lachmann

15 & 16 November 2014, Staatstheater Karlsruhe, Germany

05 & 06 December 2014, Teatrul National Timisoara, Romania

27 & 28 December 2014, Staatstheater Karlsruhe, Germany

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