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Art of Ageing
The Art of Ageing - Next Stop Braunschweig
Issue No. 4
Strawberry Orphans / Erbeerwaisen / Căpşunile şi Orfanii
German premiere on October 23

Conception: werkgruppe2

Coproduced by Teatrul National "Marin Sorescu" Craiova, Romania & Staatstheater Braunschweig, Germany

Under the title "Strawberry Orphans", both theatres conducted research with Romanian families on the growing phenomenon of labor migration from Romania to western European countries. Picking strawberries, cleaning, taking care of the elderly and children are common jobs carried out by those men and women, while in the meantime, in Romania, their children are left alone, being taking care of by their grandparents. The production "Strawberry Orphans" (Erdbeerwaisen / Căpşunile şi Orfanii) is a joint theatre documentary play, with a mixed cast on stage from both theatre ensembles, reflecting those stories.

Additional dates

27 October 2014
28 October 2014 
06 November 2014 
07 November 2014 
24 October 2014, Junges Theater Göttingen

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14 November, Deutsches Theater Berlin, Germany

27 November, Slovak National Theatre Bratislava, Slovakia

I am afraid that we know each other now / Ich befürchte, jetzt kennen wir uns / Bojim de da se sada Poznajemo

By Ivor Martinić, directed by Miriam Horwitz

16 November, Theater und Orchester Heidelberg, Germany

16 January 2015, Gavella City Drama Theatre, Zagreb, Croatia

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